Governing Bodies

The Centre for Studies on Federalism is a Participatory Foundation. Its members – currently: the Compagnia di San Paolo, the Universities of Turin, of Pavia, of Milan and the Turin Polytechnic – are represented in the Participants’ Assembly, who decides on the guidelines of the Centre’s activities, its annual balance sheet and its budget, and appoints the President, the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors.
The Board of Directors has full powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration, with the exception of the matters reserved for the Participants’ Assembly.
The Participants’ Assembly of 26 April 2016 made the appointments for the three-year period which will end at the end of March 2019, with the approval of the 2018 balance sheet.
The Board of  Directors is responsible for appointing the Vice President and the Director, and may co-opt a maximum of three members; it can also appoint a Scientific Committee.

Board of Directors

  • Alfonso Iozzo (President)
  • Alberto Majocchi (Vice President)
  • Flavio Brugnoli (Director)
  • Paola Bilancia
  • Massimo Coda
  • Piero Gastaldo
  • Edoardo Greppi
  • Sara Minucci
  • Domenico Moro
  • Antonio Padoa-Schioppa
  • Roberto Palea
  • Federico Revelli
  • Nicolò Russo Perez
  • Dario Velo

Executive Committee

  • Alfonso Iozzo
  • Alberto Majocchi 
  • Flavio Brugnoli


  • Edoardo Aschieri
  • Tiziana Audino
  • Luigi Puddu
  • Massimo Mustarelli (Substitute)