Governing Bodies

The Centre for Studies on Federalism is now a Foundation.
The Centre is governed by a Board, a decision-making body presiding over matters relating to scientific activity and the utilisation of financial resources.
The Board is nominated by the members of the consortium for a period of three years, elects its President, the Director, the five members of the Executive Committee and the Internal Auditors. In addition, the Scientific Committee, whose members are selected among leading scholars, internationally recognised as experts in the field of federalism, plans and co-ordinates the scientific activities of the Centre as a whole Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
  • Alfonso Iozzo (President)
  • Alberto Majocchi (Vice President)
  • Flavio Brugnoli (Director)
  • Paola Bilancia
  • Massimo Coda
  • Piero Gastaldo
  • Edoardo Greppi
  • Sara Minucci
  • Domenico Moro
  • Antonio Padoa-Schioppa
  • Roberto Palea
  • Federico Revelli
  • Nicolò Russo Perez
  • Dario Velo
Executive Committee
  • Alfonso Iozzo
  • Alberto Majocchi 
  • Flavio Brugnoli
  • Edoardo Aschieri
  • Tiziana Audino
  • Luigi Puddu
  • Massimo Mustarelli (Substitute)